Agape Solutions
A faith based service operating under Christian principles and fundamentals.
Want a basic website at a reasonable price?

We can build a four page website for you for just $200 which includes web
hosting fees and domain name fees for the first three months. After that you
pay just $
99 per quarter for all fees, updates, and maintenance.

We keep it simple, basic, colorful, and informative.

Plus, we create a facebook page for you and advertise your business or
service on Craig's List and renew it twice per month and we utilize other
available services to get your business and name on all the major search
engines like Google and Yahoo.

The fees we charge above are just to cover our labor and expenses. Once
you start receiving business and/or jobs from our services we ask for a 2%
commission on the gross value of the job or sale after you are paid in full.
That's all. Just 2% of anything we generate for you.

NOT ALL YOUR JOBS- just the ones you believe were generated by the
services we provide you.  If you get a $100 job or sale, you pay us $2. If
you get a $5000 job or sale, you pay us $100. That's all.

How do we get paid? Simple. We only do business and provide our services
to people we trust. If we generate business for you, we simply ask you to
pay us our 2% commission with your quarterly maintenance fee when the
job or service or sale is completely done and you have been paid in full.
You be the judge because we trust you.  

So, you see? We only make money if you make money.

Interested? Email me at or call me at
443-553-3481. It's really that simple and that easy to get you going in the
cyber world.